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Income/Sales Stategy


On location

Products Sold on Location

Icecream standards such as chocolata

Fresh Icecream

Fresh Icecream

We will be selling delicious in store made ice cream.

Image by Lama Roscu

Cakes and Inecream cakes

Ice cream Cake

We could be looking to sell Icecream Cake, Cheesy Eddies Cheesecake and deserts by the slice

Test Products

Data Driven Decisions - Get data and buy in first then add

New food testing will be done onsite to see what type of by in we receive.  Listings that can easily be provided on the menu will include Pancake, Waffles, and skillet cook items.  If these items see successful adaptions we can begin to move towards a breakfast menu.

 Sales of many of the ingredients would also be available to assist in getting bulk costs for items such as fresh fruit, candy that can also be used as toppings along with milk and cheese with available space.  I

Belgian Waffles


Smoothie, Coffee and Milkshakes

Smoothies will make up a healthy alternative with equipment these can be made with equipment which is already Onsight and using the same ingredients.  We may be able to add to protein to either this or icecream as a healthy treat.

Full Meal Items

Data Driven Decisions - Get data and buy in first then add

Full meal items such as hamburgers, hot dogs and fries will be added to our model as we close out the first summer.  To test the market for these products we will have these items supplied from partner locations first.  We can test the demand and sales statistics to ensure a sold return on investment for the equipment.

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