Ice Cream Flavours

Delivery of Product

Retail Ice-cream and Italian Ice & toppings

  • Instore we produce and sell retail ice-cream directly to the consumer.  Utilizing the Emery Thompson techniques and recipes as a base. 

  • Toppings Vendor products – Cakes, chocolate

  • Specialty Ice Cream will include

Venue\Event Charge

  • Venue events serve several functions.  Increasing traffic to our the locations and the community. Increasing business to business partnerships with other business owners in the area, continued focus on our value of building community.  These venues will also fall into out marketing plan and putting us directly in front of local government officials and news outlets.  Events may include but are not limited to:

    • Week Farmers Markets

    • Ultimate Water Balloon fight

    • Snowman Building Contests

    • Food Truck Night

    • Movie Nights

    • Desert & Wine

    • Ice-cream  Festival

    • Halloween Event (with partners)

    • Wholesale Pumpkin Sales

    • Christmas Tree Sales

    • Speed Dating Events

    • Valentines day specials

  • Depending on the event we would change the vendors a fee to use the location and individuals a minimal fee to join. 

  • We would partner with the surrounding businesses and charge for parking while collecting an orchestration fee.

  • Vendor Charge for Events

  • These events will both drive profit and connect this location with local schools, clubs and government.  This will allow for continues marketing and favorability with local government officials, schools and families in the region.


Ice-cream Wholesale

  • Ice-cream will be sold to key partners such as hotel, small grocery stores, movie theaters, kid’s venues, and retail establishments.  These locations would be focused on resale in Monroe and surrounding counties. 


Non-Ice Cream Deserts and Food partners

  • We will partner with local businesses to increase the product line at the retail store.  Dinners and food items will be provided during the summer by local food trucks and mobile sellers.  We will partner with local bakeries to find sell backed goods on consignment. 


Mobile Ice-cream unit

  • The mobile ice-cream unit would be used for 2 different functions:

    • Off-site catering

      • We would use this unit to deliver and dispense ice-cream at office site catering events and parties.  These would need to be arranged at the shop ahead of time

    • Street Vendor/ Food truck

      • The goal would be to work with Monroe County to obtain a street venders license which would allow us the ability to attend festivals, the public market and pre-determined.




Our Ice-cream will be made in separate blends.